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Qiyam al Layl at Wasat Wednesday

Please join us for a special program this Wednesday May 29th. We will begin with our regular Wednesday class at 7:30pm with Baraka Blue followed by potluck Iftar.

Then after Iftar, coffee and socializing we will begin a special Qiyam (qiyam al layl - staying up for prayer in the night) program led by Sidi Owais and Baraka Blue. We will pray Isha and Taraweeh prayer at 11pm, followed by English translation and commentary upon the surahs read in prayer. Following Taraweeh Sidi Owais will lead us in duas, dhikr, qasidas, and poetry of praise.

This Wednesday will be the 25th night of Ramadan which—being one of the last three odd nights of the month— is one of the most blessed nights of the year, and has a high potential to be Laylat al-Qadr. The program will end by 1:30am to allow everyone time to return home in time to prepare sahoor.