Take a Leap of Faith into 2019 with Wasat!

Community members like you have been telling us what you want to see from Wasat, and it’s more. More classes. More events. More special guests. More service events like Day of Dignity. More time to gather as a community. More support for our youth, more support for our converts.

We are listening, and responding with a great catalyst for growth and goodness in the coming year:

Announcing the hiring of our second-ever staff person, Wasat’s new Creative Director, Baraka Blue! With Baraka joining our leadership team, we’ll bring you more of what you love about Wasat in 2019, along with exciting new content made possible by Baraka Blue’s vision and global connections, God willing.

But, it’s truly a leap of faith for a small nonprofit organization to hire staff and to increase our offerings in significant ways. Payroll costs aside, delivering this benefit to our community means a 45% increase in Wasat’s annual programming budget, from $12,300 to $22,500.

How will you help make this Leap of Faith possible?

  • Did you break your fast at a Wasat community iftar during Ramadan? This seven-year tradition keeps growing and in 2018, over 700 meals were served at the iftars we hosted or co-hosted. If 700 people contribute to Wasat this December, at just $32 each, we’ll make that Leap of Faith!

  • Have you been to Wasat’s Wednesday class in South Seattle? About fifty people benefit from this quality, regular programming each week. Fifty new donors who commit to give $38/month can make our Leap of Faith happen!

  • All told, Wasat has created space for community 86 different times* this year. If you connected with community any of those eighty-six times, or you hope to in the future - take a Leap of Faith with Wasat! If eighty-six people each give $260 in December, we’ll be ready to leap into 2019, God willing.

*41 regular classes, 9 youth meetings, 9 iftars, 9 art workshops, 7 speaker events, 5 classes with special guests, 5 sacred remembrance events, 1 film screening, and 1 service event - al hamdulillah!

Baraka Blue, Wasat’s Creative Director

Baraka Blue, Wasat’s Creative Director