Our Vision: The Islamic wisdom tradition lived in an American context.

Our Mission: Wasat creates space to connect people and explore the American Muslim experience through art, love and learning.

Wasat was conceived in 2012 by three American converts to Islam who wanted to create space for Seattle-area Muslims to grow and learn together. Many dreams and cups of coffee later, it is has grown into a vibrant community beloved by many, and a resource and entry point for those exploring Islam.

Wasat is an Arabic word that can mean middle-way, just, and balanced. It’s used in the Quran to describe the community that we are intended to be. It is from this concept that we draw our inspiration.

And thus We have made you a wasata (middle way-just/balanced) ummah (community)...”
Al Baqarah 2:143


If you are interested you’re welcome. Our events and gatherings will appeal to newer Muslims, those curious, and those born into the faith. We value connections and collaboration with other organizations, too.


Because we all need more places to be real, get real and be known. Wasat provides a safe, friendly space to build community, fellowship and engage in heart work.

Wasat shares culturally relevant programming rooted in sound values and sacred knowledge.
Wasat serves as a hub in greater Seattle area, connecting people and organizations.
Wasat provides support and connections to newer Muslims and those seeking assistance.